ATHINEO for Athenian Brewery S.A.


Logo design, art direction, enviromental graphics and signage for “ATHINEO” by Athenian Brewery. ATHINEO is a new, multidimensional space of Athenian Brewery S.A. that includes a model Microbrewery and a unique Experience Center. The name is a wordplay between the Greek words for “Athenian” and “new” i.e. Something new from & for Athens) to the logo design and the interactive applications. The wordplay that resulted in the name ATHINEO encapsulates the main philosophy of this unique space for Athens: the constant “flow” and production of new types of beer as well as new ideas. Inspiration for the visual identity came from various sides: A factory, a bottle of beer, a brewery, the architectual blueprints of a venue. The logo symbolically represents a more “homey” version of the beer production process, a home open to all friends and fans of creative brewing. Upon entrance to the microbrewery the guests are greeted by a number of info-points and signage displays that are aimed at “educating” them on the various stages of brewing that take place therein, while the Beer Museum itself is host to over 200 historical objects related to the actual brewing process.

This work won an Ermis Bronze (Greek advertising Εrmis Awards 2015, Ermis DESIGN – Enviromental Branding & Design).