A new logo for PLAKENTIA, the fastest growing group of veterinary clinics in Greece providing 24/7 high quality care for companion animals, with specialized 2nd opinion services and emergencies treatment. Naming of the brand came from the Duchess of Placentia, who was one of the first, if not the first pet lovers since back in the mid-19th century hosted a large number of dogs from various Greek or foreign breeds in her home and lived with them inside the house, something unknown as a custom till then.

For the new logo that marks the clinic’s new era, having again the Duchess as the symbol was the right strategic decision to make. But this time a more contemporary design was used in which the aristocratic lady looks lovingly and tenderly at a little dog, like a mother. Depicting the loving relationship of pet owners and their animals the two figures are enclosed in a circle that symbolizes embrace, the relationship and the world of animal lovers.

Custom lettering

For the lettering of the name “PLAKENTIA” custom letters were designed which strict, geometric elements referring to solidity and trust but also curved, round shapes for friendliness and approachability symbolism.