Naming, logo and brand identity applications for KITO, an aquaculture company with facilities on the Greek island of Leros. KITO is the continuation of the MARKELLOS company and trades fishes from its own fish farms to important partnerships in Greece and abroad.

For the new era brand name, inspiration came from Greek mythology and the sea goddess Keto (Ceto / Kētṓ), daughter of Pontus and Gaia. Logo was designed with custom lettering and the ancient symbolism of the fish. Letters were designed in extended format referring to the size and the ambition of the company. An artwork showing a fish farm from above was created in a minimalistic style as a complementary visual. This gave our KITO visual identity a very different and quite futuristic look that we loved.

Creative direction & design: SUPERFY
Naming: Kleo Chontzopoulou