EVIOL Multivitamin “Every little thing” campaign


EVIOL company, a leading brand in the field of food supplements together with SUPERFY change the way of communication of the specific product category with a new campaign.
Utilizing the techniques of modern documentaries to highlight the contribution of food supplements to the challenges of our time and starring Greek actor Giannis Stankoglou, the new EVIOL campaign series unfolds a narrative that comes to remind us what is the most important thing in life, nowadays and always.

The core message of the campaign is: “Every little thing hides something big inside”. The launching film travels through the great leaps of time, from the creation of life and the first steps of man, to the industrial age and the challenges presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the digital age. The magical journey through time is developed to highlight the truth, that behind every great development there is always a small first step.

So today, the “little thing” that we are all called to do is the complete care of ourselves every day, and that protects the “big”, life itself. Care, as a daily act of life to strengthen our body. Caring, as an act of responsibility not only to life but also as a foundation of hope for the day that will dawn after the pandemic. Campaign’s soundtrack is an edit of Vivaldi’s “Spring”, which also marks hope we all have individually and collectively.

Screenplay, art and creative direction: Superfy
Idea / strategy: EVIOL marketing, Alexis Zorbas
Production: Norrogroup – Konstantinos Karyatis
Directed by: George Zois
Music editing: Musou Music Group