EVIOL “Every little thing” SEASON 2022 campaign


For the second consecutive year EVIOL – NORROGROUP and SUPERFY join forces for the continuation of last year’s successful campaign “Every little thing hides something big inside” again with Greek actor Giannis Stankoglou. This time the ambassador of EVIOL is out to enjoy life to the full and remind us of everything that makes it worthwhile:
travels, conquests, joys, new ideas, everything with EVIOL – a leading brand in the field of nutritional supplements – as our strong ally for our best performance. In this year’s campaign our protagonist is somehow an “action hero” in various sequences each one standing for a benefit of various EVIOL product.
Campaign will launch another 6 movies for seperate EVIOL codes.

Screenplay, art and creative direction: Superfy
Idea / strategy: EVIOL – Alexis Zorbas
Production: Norrogroup – Konstantinos Karyatis
Directed by: Claus Dowie
Music: Má vlast “The Moldau” by Bedřich Smetana