ESA Security Solutions

  • graphics
  • strategy
  • visual identity
  • web design


Visual identity and a new website for ESA Security Solutions. ESA Security Solutions provides a wide range of specialized and integrated security services and solutions.
We were asked to design the new, renewed profile of the company, representative of its new era. With the shape of the circle, part of the ESA logo as the main symbol of the identity, we took advantage of all the positive symbolisms. Symmetry, strength and movement. The ultimate shape of nature, it symbolizes our world, our universe and has infinite positive symbolism in art, philosophy, religion and science.
The ESA identity circle encapsulates what is important to say and display and is the primary vehicle for an organic, powerful and adaptable visual identity system. In addition we set the color palette, the new font and studied a complete set of solutions for applications in print and online media.

Then it was time for a new, fresh and functional site. The main purpose was to show that ESA is a big, indisputable player in the field of security that provides innovative and smart solutions. Dark colors reminiscent of business centers, large canvases with photos from the fields in which we provide our services and of course the “circle” to frame what is important: people, services, moments.
Finally, we also designed the site of the ESA Lifelong Learning Center, the ‘ESA Academy’ based on the same, unified visual identity.