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Naming, logo, visual identity and a new website for CORDIA (ex Engie Hellas). After more than twenty years of leading presence in the field of Facility Management in Greece, ENGIE Hellas is renamed to CORDIA. Its main activities concern energy services, facility management, e-mobility, installation of photovoltaic systems, IoT solutions and cleaning and maintenance of buildings. A new name from SUPERFY marks the new era of the company. CORDIAL = cordial, CORDIA = a type of flower. We used a custom friendly-look typography for lettering. For the symbol we designed a mix that refers to engineering (gear) but also to nature (dandelion), due to the green nature of the company.

CORDIA symbol combined with a new custom layout signs all applications in print, digital and motion materials, enhancing the corporate image and awareness of CORDIA.

And after that, it was time for its new, fresh and functional main site. The goal was to highlight that CORDIA is a nowadays serious player in the field of the particular business yet a versatile, human-centered and cool brand. An organic and responsive layout was designed combined with new slides from a brand new photo shooting, an impactful color palette, a series of custom icons and many more design elements and solutions.

CORDIA welcomes you to the new era of facility management!