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Sexual performance made in Greece!
These are the main visuals for our Bonobo sex pill digital campaign. Bonobo Mens Energy capsule is produced in Greece and gives man the boost his sex life needs! It is a 100% natural erotic food supplement from herbal ingredients with beneficial effects in erectile function and libido, for which no medical prescription is required. One Bonobo Mens Energy capsule lasts for 30 hours.
We didn’t want to use Bonobo Pill as an answer to a “problem”, we didn’t want to use images of anxious women and men in despair. We thought it was a good idea to use humour and play with the joy of sex and our right for a satisfying erotic life. For the camaign we used stereotypes which want the Greek man sexually energetic throughout the years. Characters for the campaign are: a greek evzone “tsolias” in traditional greek costume, a middle aged greek island man, a nowadays hipster and an ancient greek warrior.

Illustrations by Filimonas Triantafyllou, Myrto kakkari, Fotis Georgiou.