AKIS PETRETZIKIS “Stories from the List”


Core concept, scripts and creative direction for the show “Stories from the List”, with Akis Petretzikis for Mega Channel 2014-15. A travel and cooking tv show based on a unique idea. Each episode is a completely fictional one. The cooking session in each episode is placed at the end of the story in order to bring people together, to reciprocate, to reward, to celebrate etc. No more cooking behind stalls, no studio lights, no scores, competitors, no product placement. Here we have an adventurous roadtrip throughout Greece, based on a fictional notebook Akis used to keep as a child. Credits: Presented by Akis Petretzikis, Directed by Apostolis Papathanasiou, Creative direction / Script: Fotis Georgiou, Director of Photography: Giannis Georgiou, Editing: Stathis Avgustatos, Spiros Tsihlis, Production Manager: Giannis Sotiris, Manager for MEGA: Christos Kompos.