This is a promo display for Agricult a company specialized in soil and compost since 1950.
Our client asked for a promo project. We came up with the idea of “With a soil like this everything comes alive”. We placed a promo display in Leroy Merlin garden section, with a human like hand coming out of the garden ground, surrounded by blooming flowers. Hand made from plaster by cinema effects specialist Prokopis Vlaseros FX Studio. Display construction by Ilias Karantoniou. After displaying in Leroy Merlin, the construction took a tour to various plant nurseries which sell Agricult’s soil products. This was a huge success and had various response ways and engagement. We at Superfy believe in creative bravery and love clients who think the same way.

Τhis work was awarded with a Bronze award in Epica Awards 2019 and an Ermis Bronze award in greek advertising Ermis Awards.