• Identity, Logo, Packaging

Logo design, visual identity and packaging for KANAVOS a brand of SYNDESMOS S.A. company. The brand launches a series of pharmaceuticals and beauty products such as essential oils and shampoo with herbal oils. Products are produced in the traditional way and the company has plans for exports to Europe. For this reason it was decided that the logo should somehow remind images of historic European brands that stand strong through the years. The components of the logo are arising from various symbolisms like the nerves of the leaves, the essence drops and the letter “K” by KANAVOS. Logo is completed with the name of the brand written in a heavy type style font. Vintage illustrations of botany books with a modern twist are used in visual identity and packaging of the brand. This pumps up the status and the academic aura of the brand. Modern typography and layouts complete the visual language a modern brand owes to have.