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Agrafa (Agrafa: name of a famous greek sierra) grill house based in Athens Greece, is the fifth restaurant of the Polyzos family, started doing business in the dining sector back in 1977. For this large and modern restaurant a new identity was needed in order to combine the history of the family with the nowadays trends. Architectural style and decoration for the restaurant was already in production so the new identity should had have the same visual feeling. Except the new main logo, a new identity was designed, inspired from the decorative tiles in the grill room. Also, a timeline with old family photos that tell the story well was made above the grill. This gives a strong signature in the place, telling customers that the Polyzos family is very proud of its achievements and signs the quality and the service of the grill house with its own pride and history.

Main logo
Inspiration and birth of symbol
Exterior view
Visual identity inspired by decorative tiles of the grill room
Menu with wooden surface and laser engraved logo
Timeline elements
Timeline 1977-2016
Timeline detail
Making of
Timeline applied
WC signage
Installation graphics
Mural graphic
Mural graphic